Posted on: September 27, 2009 12:10 pm

My footbal picks wk3 2009

Well I am writing this blog in response to priscos picks a so called expert who can barely barely reach 50% without the spread.  So I am going head to head with the so called experts to see if they should even called themselves an expert.

 My picks are as follows:
Houston should be an easy win here but i am playing walker so i am hoping jags can air it out some
Tenn just do not see tenn going 0-3, but hey they do have Kerry at the helm cannot repeat same stats as last year can he, well if tenn does lose here migt start looking at QB change soon
GB we are talking Rams here
Wash   Det might win this game just because they cannot be as bad as last year, i will wait n see until they actually win a game to give them respect
Minn Does singletary have the niners back already we will see this week, remember they started 2-0 last year, if they win here singletary could be i the running for coach of the year i know it is early and sea did have seneca in the second half last week, looking at a big minn win here
NE is NYJ that good or did NE have a bad game well if ATL wins this game brady n co still need to work out the kinks
NYG looking for a big win here unless they have the let down bug
BAL in a laugher? but this the nfl and there is that any given sunday motto, just do not see clev competing here
Phil Kolb/Vick/Feeley/Mcnabb would not matter in this game unless kc can muster up a ground game
Chi this is a good test for the Bears, however if they lose to a seneca led seahawk team, might as well consider this year a rebuilding year
NO   this game scares me, it is definitely going to be high scoring NO's defense is so-so, depends on trent n buff's d, I am going with the high powered Saints offense here, but would not be surprised to se buff win this one
Pitt is cincy back with that big win at GB, not sure yet, but if they win here might have to start taking them serious
OAK   going with the home team here in this game which has aal the makings of an ugly affair
SD   have not impressed this year, however need to stop that running game to win this one
ARIZ AZ should be able to move the all here
DALL Dall did not impress me last week with romo not trusting his wr's, but they are at home so i am leaning there way
I know all favorites except for Raiders n tenn, since this is just 4 fun why not. The only other games i see upset potential are buff n atl.  Anything can happen, I am also hoping niners to pull off an upset for obvious reasons.

I will do the spread as well next week, some of my picks this week are buff +7 6, bal - 13.5, phil -7.5 n niners +7  i will do full picks next week, my goal 4 the year is 75% w/o spread n 60% against spread.

good luck on your picks

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