Posted on: July 29, 2009 4:45 pm

Cliff Lee to Phils

Do not know about anyone else but this trade is awesome for the Phils, Lee has started 22 games and went at least 7 inn in 14 of them, plus he has two complete games in his last 4 starts.  In the NL he does not have to face a DH that is always good news as well.  If I was a Phils fan I would be thinking of winning another WS right now.  The team is loaded with good pitching and very good hitting club (even better if JR gets on track).  However, there one main weakness is Lidge, if Lidge has to save every playoffs game than I would be a little nervous. 

How does the WS champions get better by adding a former Cy Young winner A+ for this move.
Posted on: July 29, 2009 12:27 am

Another losing Fantasy nite

What is up with Soriano blowing that save, thats tough especially when it cost you 10 points, Oh well, and my guns on philly not doing squat in AZ, utley, ibanez and Werth.  Picked up Willingham for Thome and Bily Butler for that jones guy on Pitt, hopefully can get something going next week, already day 2 and looks like the week is done. 

Need a good start from Blanton and De La Rosa to even make it close.  Tomorrow is another day.

There is one good thing about fantasy it really gets you involved with players you had no idea were even in the bigs. 
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