Posted on: October 10, 2009 8:52 pm

Football Picks Week 5 2009

Ok I went 11-3 straight up and 8-6 against the spread, so far 21-9 n 8-6 against the spread so far this year. So here goes week 5 picks both straight up and against the points.

MINN this looks like an easy win for the Vikings I have to go with the hot hand of favre and there d is good, I see a two touchdown win here.  However, they are on the road and strange things have happened, but I am also giving 10.5 to the Rams.

Dall going with the favorite hear, but I like KC and 7.5, Dallas just not impressive, and if cassel can get something going could keep it close.

Car , but take Wash n 4 not sure what Car team will show up.

Philly no problem here, but I just cannot give the 15 here, so take TB and the points

NYG take a lopsided win to the house, this has to be the lock of the week, take NYG and give the points

I like Buff at home but not very potent on off so lets take Clev and the points, DA might be back to where he was a couple of years ago and they can run the ball.

BALT at home but man cincy is plying good so take cincy and the 8.5

Pitt has not really been beating any team by alot, but Det is still Det, and Pitt should walk all over them so give the points here

SF they are playing real well, and are only one miracle play from being undefeated, (i will keep saying this until they get there second loss).  Some people like Atl here, but I am going with the the hot team and give the 2.5.

NE last week I smelled the Denver upset over Dall, but this week, Denv will be no match for the pats, so pats straight and give the 3 points.

Ariz I like AZ at home here,houstons D not the greatest, so Card should be able to put up some points, look for a 7 point win here.  Take Cards straight up and give the 5.5

JAC OK so I have not picked any underdogs yet  so here is my first one, take JAC to win + the points.

TENN, ok can they go 0-5, I am thinking no way, Tenn always plays them tough so this is my second underdog pick, but if they lose this one I will not pick them again.

MIA, Dolphins underdogs at home against a rookie QB that has played well early, but I am thinking teams are going to start to figure him out so he needs to adjust his game, just not this week.  Take Miami straight up and take the points.

There you have it, my pics for week 5, so far so good.  Hopefully I and keep it up so I can beat the so called experts.

Posted on: August 7, 2009 6:10 pm


So living in the Bay Area i am getting a whiff of the Crabtree ordeal.  Whatever happened to proving your worth on the field and not with your mouth.  Crabtree wants to be paid more than that kid from Oakland because he thinks he is better, but he really does not know he is better because he has not played in the NFL yet.  I guess he thinks he has more potential than the guy from Oakland.  All I have to say is give me a break, just suit up and play some football.  However, if he wants to sit out becuase his head is too big let him, (easy to say if you are not a niner fan).  If I was a niner fan I would be screaming losing a first round pick for nothing is hard to swallow.

However, let's look at the deal from Crabtree's standpoint.  Niners really do not have a quarterback, so sitting out one year and maybe get drafted by a team that has a real quarterback (unless you consider the trio of Smith, Huard or Hll legit Q's), might not be a bad move.

However, this whole thing about being better than someone else because what I did in the past, is not a good reason to sit out, but if he wants to play for a better team he could pull an Eli and look to be traded.

Overall, he has planted a bad seed in many fans, but you know football and sports in general when he does start playing and kicks some you know what this whole theatrics will be long forgotten by many a sports fan.

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