Posted on: September 10, 2009 5:19 pm

Football Season

Are you ready for some Football?

This has to be the best opening day of any sports, it blows away basketball, hockey and Baseball, there is just so much excitement and anticipation to see how your team is going to do this year.

Is Brady healthy enough to lead the Patriots back to the top, or is Peyton Manning going to shine once again and lead his team to the Bowl.  I still like the Steelers because of Big Ben, might not have all the stats but man can this guy maneuver in the pocket and get off his throws.  I think he does this the best in the league. 

In the NFC are the Cardinals going to repeat with that high powered offense, or do we have the old favorites to dethrone them, like Dallas, New York, Philly or the Pack. Vikings are looking like somewhat of a darkhorse with their stud runner in AP and the old man at QB. 

It really does not matter football is fun to watch and even more exciting when you got your fantasy guys going.  Of course I joined two public internet leagues this year which always adds more excitement to the football season. 

Right now you just do not know what to expect from any of the teams, of course you have your favorities but there is always a darkhorse that emerges and if that is your favorite team you are in for some excitement this year.  However, even if your team does not do that good and you are constantly complaining about your players or management, there is always something to cheer about during the year a big play or great game, (well except for the Lions the only they had to cheer about last year was that the season ended)  Hopefully we have no teams like that this year.

So sit back and enjoy this opening week because you just never know what to expect.

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