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Posted on: September 13, 2009 4:04 am

Waiver Wire Receivers

Based on my two Fantasy League teams, WR waiver wire is pretty slim pickins, There are a few possible good receivers available like

1.  Chris Henry, might look like all troubles are behind him and Carson P coulb be healthy again good number 3
2.  Justin Gage was decent last year if he stays healthy could be a good number 3
3.  Than you have the old guys Joey Galloway and Isaac Bruce stll out there
But the real story is the guys who just cracked the starting lineups and could potentially have big years and are currently under the radar, remember Desean Jackson of last year.  So here are my 3 picks that should be worth watching in the next couple of weeks and might be a good fill if you are desperate for some WR help.  These are very cautious picks but should be watched just in case they blosson into something and they are

1.  Malcolm Kelly, WR for Washington a 6-4 wideout  2nd year player just won the starting position for the Redskins2.  Maurice Stovall WR for TB I know just number 3 right now but is worth watching if B Leftwich ever regains his old form back, and if AB or MC go down with injuries, already nursing.
3.  Laurent Robinsion, looking to make his mark with the Rams, tall gangly receiver and looked good in preseaon.  Yahoo has him as a sleeper pick this year.  If Rams defense is a porous this year as last year, Bulger will be gunslinging all year, problem with that he always on his back, it is a wait and see.

These are three that I will be watching but you never know there is always someone that comes out of nowhere and just hope you are the first to bag him before the other teams do.

Good luck and have fun this year, Fantasy Football is back.
Posted on: September 13, 2009 2:36 am

Fantasy Football Kickoff

Well Fantasy Football has just kickoff after the Titans and Pittsburgh game and boy is it going to be tough to pick runners going up against the titans this year, Pittsburgh was formidable but the lost Troy might have an impact just have to wait and see. 

Things I liked

1. Ben was awesome in the pocket again moving around making plays, 300 yards passing, Pitt is a running team but Ben can be a passer when needed
2. Britt look like he could be a player
3. Gage got that one td, little unsuspecting but he did have a good game against them last year as well
4. Tennesse and Pitts D, both solid
5. Santonio Holmes with 100 and a touch solid numbers in a low scoring game.

Well you can say I did not like the running games of both teams, but mewelde was affective in the second half catching passes out of the backfield.

It was a good game overall, hard fought just like you want to see, even though it was a low scoring games some players came out with some solid fantasy numbers so some people who were start big ben, Santonio Holmes or Gage came out ahead if they were relying on them.  However, people sticking with CJ or WP probably should of looked elsewhere because of the tough D Matchup.

Looking at this weekend. Looking for Brees and Co to have a big game against the LIons, however if they get up big might run the ball so Brees might not get that 300 yds but 3 TD's is not out of the question.

Well I hope everyone enjoys this fantasy football year because it makes football a little more exciting.  Look for my followup Blog for some insight on tomorrow's games.
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