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Posted on: August 7, 2009 5:59 pm

Update for my second week of Fantasy

Here I am rolling like BART (bay area expression) with over 200 plus points thru 4 days of fantasy and low and behold my main man Soriano gives it up again, twice in two weeks and nets a negative 16 point day, and shoots me below the 200.  Not sure if he is worthy to be on my team, but I have him for 3  more games this week, hopefully he can get a save and maybe get back to positive numbers.  Most of my other guys are doing well.  Almost everyone on my team has over 10 points with edwin, reynolds, and crawford leading the way all with over 20 points, however my philly trio of Utley, Ibanez and Werth are underperforming probably going to make a move on one of them.
Overall I lead the week so far with the three games remaining plus 4 starts going into the weekend.  Need my rookies to come thru, with latos, anderson and niemann dealing along with Blanton.

Feel a little bad that I dropped Butler for Beckham, but hey you just never know, I also dropped thome for Willingham, both people I dropped are putting up better numbers this week, oh well, that is fantasy.
Posted on: August 4, 2009 4:07 pm

Fantasy BBall, first day of second week

Well my first day of the second week started pretty good with Reynolds hitting two bombs, crawford getting 3 hits and 3 rbis with an SB, Brett Anderson going 7+ giving up 2 runs and striking out 8 (avoiding the loss when A's rallied for 3 in the ninth), and the sleeper Latos going 7 giving up 2 runs and getting the win (that was nice).  Well 63 points later i am looking pretty good.  Hopefully I can keep it going today, with my hitters especially my philly trio of werth, utley and ibanez.  However, I will take a hit if Hanley cannot go, but did pick up hot hitting beckham so let's see where that takes me this week, also my latest pickup Willingham produced 4 pts last night so that is a nice start as well.  I still have 5 more starts this week with brett and latos getting another start, plus nieman, blanton and jackson rounding out my other 3 starts. 

I am just trying to stay competitive with 3 rookie pitchers on my team and if you throw in Delarosa man that is not a whole lot of experience, but you just never know.
Posted on: August 3, 2009 12:50 am

FIrst Week of Fantasy

My first week of Fantasy is over, I had a few bright spots, Utley, Carl Crawford, and Wandy did ok, but the injury bug really hurt this week with Wandy, Oswalt, Hanley and Thome all playing limited time for my team.  Not a good thing when you have to face a team that has Linecum, Halladay, Carpenter and Felix Hernandez.  I already swapped out Thome for Willingham and dropped Volquez for young phenom beckham from the White Sox.  I also picked up Dark Horse Latos from the PADs, he has two starts this week along with my other rookie two start starter Brett Anderson so my week is depending on rookies along with Nieman, boy am I hurting.  With Wandy and Oswalt questionable this week I have to use these rooks just to stay competitive.  I am also taking a chance that Hanley will play this week with that knee contusion, if not my week might be done especially if the rooks do not come thru. 

I have to look at the bright side at least I was not the lowest scoring team in my league for the week, but stil 80 plus points from the highest.  There is always next week.
Posted on: July 31, 2009 12:35 am

Fantast team is just avg right now

My fantasty team is still struggling to score points, I only have one person over 20 points this week and that happened tonight with de la rosa pitching an ok game going 6 and 1/3 2 runs and a win, giving him 21 points, Jim thome not playing untli today and with Oswalt having back problems really hurt my first week in this fantasy league.  Still looking for a good start from blanton, wandy this week.  Hopefully Howell and Soriano can pick up a couple of saves this weekend.  Looking to trade werth for someone, not cutting the mustard, not sure if this is temporary or long term, otherwise I am happy with Suzuki, Utley, Billy Butler, Hanley, Crawford, Ibanez, j willingham and Reynolds.  Pitchers  Blanton, de la rosa, oswalt (when healthy), wandy, brett anderson, edwin jackson, niemann, and Marguis.  Still holding on to Volquez hoping he comes back strong off the DL, if so looking to drop or trade one of my pitchers to pick up some infield support.

Posted on: July 29, 2009 12:27 am

Another losing Fantasy nite

What is up with Soriano blowing that save, thats tough especially when it cost you 10 points, Oh well, and my guns on philly not doing squat in AZ, utley, ibanez and Werth.  Picked up Willingham for Thome and Bily Butler for that jones guy on Pitt, hopefully can get something going next week, already day 2 and looks like the week is done. 

Need a good start from Blanton and De La Rosa to even make it close.  Tomorrow is another day.

There is one good thing about fantasy it really gets you involved with players you had no idea were even in the bigs. 
Posted on: July 28, 2009 1:16 am

First Night Fantasy Baseball

Of course my first night I have to go up against Linecum, Carpenter and Felix Hernandez, and all I have to battle those 3 is W Rodriguez, I was lucky that F Hernandez had a rough nite but that was all overshadowed by the man Tim Linecum, CG 4h 2 runs and a bunch of K's and 42 points later.  I did have a few bright spots, Reynolds did go deep and wandy pitched well but my whole team scored less than Linecum, hopefully I have better luck tomorrow, the sad thing is Linecum, Hernandez and Carpenter have one more start this week.  So this week is probably a lost cause unless, Oswalt and Marquis light it up, along with Delarosa and Blanton, but 42 points in one night man that is just not right.
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