Posted on: August 7, 2009 6:10 pm


So living in the Bay Area i am getting a whiff of the Crabtree ordeal.  Whatever happened to proving your worth on the field and not with your mouth.  Crabtree wants to be paid more than that kid from Oakland because he thinks he is better, but he really does not know he is better because he has not played in the NFL yet.  I guess he thinks he has more potential than the guy from Oakland.  All I have to say is give me a break, just suit up and play some football.  However, if he wants to sit out becuase his head is too big let him, (easy to say if you are not a niner fan).  If I was a niner fan I would be screaming losing a first round pick for nothing is hard to swallow.

However, let's look at the deal from Crabtree's standpoint.  Niners really do not have a quarterback, so sitting out one year and maybe get drafted by a team that has a real quarterback (unless you consider the trio of Smith, Huard or Hll legit Q's), might not be a bad move.

However, this whole thing about being better than someone else because what I did in the past, is not a good reason to sit out, but if he wants to play for a better team he could pull an Eli and look to be traded.

Overall, he has planted a bad seed in many fans, but you know football and sports in general when he does start playing and kicks some you know what this whole theatrics will be long forgotten by many a sports fan.

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